Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day - Gay Style

Got this one from a text message

Icpin mo kung lahat ng mag ama ay gumagamit ng gay lenggwa:

Ama: Junaknak ikeme mo sa mudra mo later na akiz juwe, overtym akiz sa work chenes.

Anak: Trulalo ba yan pudra? Hahada ka lang ata.

Ama: Echuserang froglette! Wiz na tau anda need ko o.t. Para may jolawance ka.

Anak: D naman akiz jinge jolawance sau ah.

Ama: Ang kapang ng pes mo wit na nga akiz panglafang kakagetlak mo ng anda ko noh.

Anak: Keribelles.Ok fine kyeme ko na kay mudra.

Ama: Keri, Go!

Film : Dose

A file starring Yul Servo is making another run in the cinemas on July 1, 2009. The movie is the story about an unloved 12-year-old boy and a lonely gardener and their friendship that knows no bounds, an affection that knows no limits and a love that knows no age or gender.



Article courtesy of STIR.

Film : Pitik Bulag

Pitik-Bulag is a new movie produced by Arnold Vegafria under ALV productions and is directed by Gil Portes which stars Marco Alcaraz, Victor Neri, Paloma of FHM. The film will show in theaters on July 1, 2009 at selected cinemas in the metro.

Photos courtesy of PinoyHotHunks.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Film : Big Night

Here's the poster for the upcoming movie of "Frontal Nudity King" Marco Morales which opens June 24, 2009 at local cinemas in the metro.The movie is directed by Alejandro 'Bong' Ramos who also directed "Butas" also starring the same star. It's Marco's 4th film of indie movies, having "Butas", "Booking" and the latest "Heavenly Touch".