Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pinoy Gay Themed Movies and Videos

This is just a summary of Pinoy gay movies that has been shown or sold in various record bars in the metro.

Now Showing / Soon to be Released
1. Chub Chaser (Dec 16, 2009)
2. Espadahan (Dec 16, 2009)
Campus Crush - Now Showing in Cinemas

Recent Video Releases
* Freshboys Asia : Episode 1 - Campus Hearththrobs (2009)
* Kabalintuaan (2009) (from Queerisity Video Project)
* Locker Boys (2009) (from Queerisity Video Project)
* M2M Queer Fairy Tales (2009) (from Queerisity Video Project)
* Mga Pinakamahabang One Night Stand
* Pinoy Gay Kamasutra (2009)

Recect Films
* Boylets (2009)
* Boy (2009)
* I Love Dremaboyz (2009)
* Pipo (2009)


  1. Big Night (2009)
  2. Booking (2009)
  3. Butas (2009)
  4. Dose (20909)
  5. Heavenly Touch (2009)
  6. Hugot (2009)
  7. Little Boy / Big Boy (2009) ... (June 2009)
  8. Padyak (2009)
  9. Pinoy Gay Kamasutra (2009) - Now Available
  10. Sagwan (2009)
  11. Showboyz (2009)
  12. Strictly Confidential : Confessions of Men (2009)
  13. Tutok (2009)
  14. UnkoverdBoyz(2009)
  1. Ang Lihim ni Antonio (2008)
  2. Binyag (2008)
  3. Condo (2008)
  4. Daybreak (2008)
  5. Eskandalo (2008)
  6. Hubad (2008)
  7. Hugot (2008)
  8. Imoral (2008)
  9. Jay (2008)
  10. Kambyo (2008)
  11. Kurap (2008)
  12. Lovebirds (2008)
  13. M2M 1:
  14. M2M 2:
  15. M2M 3: Versus (2008)
  16. M2M 4: Exxxtreme (2008)
  17. Manay Po 2: Overload (2008)
  18. Men of Provoq (2008)
  19. Next Attraction (2008)
  20. Quicktrip (2008)
  21. Retaso (2007)
  22. S.E.B.: Cyber Game of Love (2008)
  23. Serbis (2008)
  24. Sikil (2008)
  25. The Thank You Girls (2008)
  26. Walang kawala (2008)
  1. Ang Lalake sa Parola (2007)
  2. Kumpisal (2007)
  3. M2M Eyeball (2007)
  4. Moreno (2007)
  5. Pantasya (2007)
  6. Selda (2007)
  7. Stardancer (2007)
  8. Troika (2007)
  1. Metlogs (2006)
  2. Pitong Dalagita (2006)
  3. Twilight Dancers (2006)
  4. Manay Po (2006)

  1. Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros (2005)
  2. Bathhouse (2005)
  3. Bilog (2005)
  4. Masahista (2005)
  5. Mga Pusang Gala (2005)
  1. Duda (2003)
1970 - 2000
  1. Burlesk King (1999)
  2. Macho Dancer (1988)
  3. Pusong Mamon (1998)
  4. Sa Paraiso ni Efren (1999)
  5. Sibak (1994)
  6. Tubog sa Ginto (1970)

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Friday, July 3, 2009

Film : Bayaw

Bayaw is another gay indie film going to be shown in the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival this coming July 2009. The cast include indie star Paolo Rivero (from M2M 2:Versus, Daybreak, and a lot more), Janvier Daily (the bestfriend in Roxxxane) and newcomer Andrew Miguel. The story revolves around brother-in laws who became outlaws due to a crime that they committed.

The trailers nice, specially having Janvier being in the underdog situation which was the total opposite of his role in Roxxxane.Paolo Riveros role is more on the dominant side, where in he gets pleasure from fear. Not much is seen of the new actor aside from having spied the brothers doing something. Watch the trailer below and see what I mean.




Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bruno Fever

Here are some pictures from Sasha Cohen's new movie called Bruno. Ive'd also included the movies trailer.Nice movie, hope so.

You go girl!!!

Movie Poster

GQ Covers


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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Garage Magazine Covers

Here are the covers of one of my favorite magazine.Collect and enjoy.

Aug/Sept 2008 - Jake Cuenca

Oct/Nov 2008 - Akihiro Sato

Dec/Jan 2009 - Geoff Eigenmann

Feb/Mar 2009 - Gerald Anderson

Feb/Mar 2009 - Enchong Dee

Apr/May 2009 - Hideo Muraoka

Jun/July 2009 - Matteo Guidicelli

Photos courtesy of Garage Magazine

Lady Gaga in Manila

My bestfriend's a fan if this girl, who isn't? I will see more gays in this concert than those in the Pussy Cat Dolls concert.

Anyways, the said concert will be held on August 11, 2009 Tuesday at Araneta Center. Its produced by Ovation Productions and tickets can be bought at Ticketnet. Here's the seating and ticket prices from Ovations Production website.


Seat Plan

Seat Location Price
VIP (1ST 10 ROWS OF 101 & 103) (Reserved Seating)7875
Patron Standing5775
Patron (Reserved Seating)5775
Lower Box (Reserved Seating) 3675
Upper Box A2625
Upper Box B1050
Gen. Admission525

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Cuties from the new Circle of 10 contest

Here are the finalist for the male category in this year's Circle of 10. The finals night will be held tonight at the Music Museum in Greenhills, San Juan. Updates on the contents can be seen on

Here's my top 5 so far.
1. Luis Hontiveros (Enchong Dee look a like)
2. Avery Paraiso (due to caucasian decent)
3. JL Achaval (due to foreign decent)
4. Raf Montesines (due to Asian look)
5. Raphael Galvez (sex appeal is overflowing)

Aldrain Fresco

Avery Paraiso

Chuckie Albert

Drew Daquial

Eljohn Yee

JL Achaval

Jarrel Soliman

Jervy Arahan

Joshua Palisoc

Luis Hontiveros

Maverick Velarde

Michael Dizon

Myko Ong

Paolo Cantada

Raf Montesines

Raphael Galvez

Red Zapanta

Sam Mison

Steven Gates

Vince Estenso

Super Junior addiction

I was watching Channel 23 and came across this cute group of Korean guys known as Super Junior. They currently have 13 members (that plenty) and is out with their new single, "Sorry, Sorry" and god they dance very well. Actually the choreographer for their video is Nick Bass, who does choreography for Justin Timberlake. Here's the You Tube video, enjoy. Also included another video called "It's You", nice choreo and sound as well.

Super Junior - Sorry, Sorry

Super Junior - It's You

On Boy Bands and Gay Figures

Just wondering about Boy Bands each having at least one member who becomes gay or comes out after their success. Below are just some Boy Group and those members who are rumored to be gay.

1. Ricky Martin of Menudo

Article : Shocker: Ricky Martin Is Actually Gay!

2. Lance Bass of N'Sync

Article : Lance Bass "I'm gay"

3. Stephen Gately of Boyzone

Article : Boyzone Bash Gay Taboo

4. Backstreet Boys - all of them, funny...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day - Gay Style

Got this one from a text message

Icpin mo kung lahat ng mag ama ay gumagamit ng gay lenggwa:

Ama: Junaknak ikeme mo sa mudra mo later na akiz juwe, overtym akiz sa work chenes.

Anak: Trulalo ba yan pudra? Hahada ka lang ata.

Ama: Echuserang froglette! Wiz na tau anda need ko o.t. Para may jolawance ka.

Anak: D naman akiz jinge jolawance sau ah.

Ama: Ang kapang ng pes mo wit na nga akiz panglafang kakagetlak mo ng anda ko noh.

Anak: Keribelles.Ok fine kyeme ko na kay mudra.

Ama: Keri, Go!

Film : Dose

A file starring Yul Servo is making another run in the cinemas on July 1, 2009. The movie is the story about an unloved 12-year-old boy and a lonely gardener and their friendship that knows no bounds, an affection that knows no limits and a love that knows no age or gender.



Article courtesy of STIR.

Film : Pitik Bulag

Pitik-Bulag is a new movie produced by Arnold Vegafria under ALV productions and is directed by Gil Portes which stars Marco Alcaraz, Victor Neri, Paloma of FHM. The film will show in theaters on July 1, 2009 at selected cinemas in the metro.

Photos courtesy of PinoyHotHunks.